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HitPoint health Weekly: 4/23 Smash Bros Remix, Methylene Blue, Dark and Darker, and more

HitPoint health Weekly: 4/23 Smash Bros Remix, Methylene Blue, Dark and Darker, and more
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Welcome to this week's edition to the HitPoint Health weekly newsletter!

This week, I have been playing a few different things in between my time with Omori, I have been playing some multiplayer stuff with friends, the main two being Smash Bros Remix and Dark and Darker. In addition to that, I have been researching methylene blue and its effects on mental health and performance, and I have also been messing around with different things in my morning coffee such as C8 MCT oil and Collagen.

If any of that sounds interesting, stay tuned!

Stuff I did this week:

Dark and Darker

If you haven't heard of this game and its controversy, I just have to say that it is a wild ride. My friends and I started playing this game during the Steam event, playing the free demo, and it was a blast. It is, in broad concept, a dungeon crawler battle royale. If that isn't interesting enough, the RPG elements, and progression system all seemed to capture a huge audience and it garnered a lot of hype during its time in beta. Since then, however, things have taken a dark and darker turn.

Do you remember Maple Story? I never really got too into MMOs, but I know people who have lost a lot of money to that game. The original Genshin Impact. Anyway, the creators of that game, and many other gacha style games, are claiming that Dark and Darker is their intellectual property and that it was stolen from them...

While this has yet to be proven, during the backlash for this, the game has been completely removed from Steam, possibly to never return. But, just a few days ago, a copy of the game became available through less obvious means, and has since exploded once more, as the developers have the servers running and are still making changes to the game. Of course, all of the links to the game are being removed as fast as they can remove them, but that hasn't stopped these devs, or their fans from playing it.

Smash bros. Remix

I played this game all weekend, with a childhood friend at my parent's house, and it seriously transported me back in time. All the way back to 1999. While it may not have the advanced graphics and character roster of the latest Smash Bros. Ultimate, it paved the way for an entire generation of competitive gaming. This is clearly evident while playing Smash Remix. I brought my Steam Deck, launched the ROM hack on an emulator, and we played for hours straight.

The hack adds characters, stages and music, all in the original 64 bit format of the original game, and provides plenty of easter eggs, and things of that nature to keep interest. I also love the large variety of "legal" stages from Smash ultimate that were ported over. It can almost be considered a demake in that sense, although the original characters that were added, like Conquer from Conquer's Bad Fur Day and Marina from Mischief Makers, which I actually haven't played before, but I am thinking about booting this one up as well.

Are Video Games Good For Us?

In the health and fitness space, I think that it is very common for video games, anime, and other media to be looked down on. I have heard it called "a waste of time" by many people in the space, and those same people referring to people who play video games for fun as "less than". I understand this though in theory, as to me, it seems that they are generally referring to video games as nothing but a distraction from things that can be used to better yourself.

It is true that video games can be a distraction. They can also be profound experiences that leave you being more mindful, empathetic, and better off after playing them. I came across a study incidentally in my research for another topic about video games, and the state of flow that they may bring.

In the series of scientific books Palgrave studies in cyberpsychology There is an entire book titled "Video Games and Well-Being". I plan on purchasing this title and giving some of my takeaways and things to note from the text and studies provided within. Keep an eye out for that, because some of the information in this is fascinating!

Weekly Recommendations

Methylene Blue: A Multifaceted Molecule

This intriguing molecule has been studied for its potential cognitive-enhancing properties. Used for years as a dye and medication, methylene blue may help improve focus, memory, and overall brain health. Though more research is needed, you can stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on this developing field.

While looking into this topic for my own research, I stumbled across a paper that claims that its cognitive benefits can go as far as to help prevent the onset of Alzheimers! A 2015 study (10.1038/srep13730) states that preliminary studies have indicated this, and other cognitive benefits. There are more papers than I expected on the topic, leading methylene blue to be a general recommendation, provided you're careful with the dosage. I have also seen research suggesting that it can work on seratonin receptors, improving depression symptoms. But because of this, I would also be careful with this molecule if you are taking an SSRI.

MCT Oil: An Unlkely Power-Up

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fat found in foods like coconut oil. They're quickly absorbed by the body and converted into energy, making MCT Oil an excellent supplement for both gamers and health enthusiasts. It can help with weight management, brain function, and endurance. So next time you need a little pick-me-up, consider adding a splash of MCT Oil to your favorite drink!

It does this by increasing your endogenous ketone count, rather than having to be in a ketogenic state itself. This is a similar, but less effective method of taking straight ketone esthers. This would work better for this purpose, but it is more expensive, and way less appetizing!

Coffee: The Ultimate Fuel?

We all know that coffee is the go-to morning beverage for a pick me up, but did you know it also has some health benefits? I'm sure that you did, as it is actually the number 1 antioxidant in America. Rich in antioxidants, coffee can help reduce inflammation and protect against diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Plus, moderate caffeine consumption can enhance cognitive function and reaction time—perfect for if you're doing something competitive or about to start a game of Crab Champions.

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That's it for this edition of the HitPoint Health newsletter! We hope you enjoyed these fascinating tidbits and gained some valuable insights into how to level up your health and gaming experience. Don't forget to share this newsletter with your friends, and let's continue to grow our awesome community.