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HitPoint Health Weekly 6/18: L-Glutamine, D L-Phenylalanine, The Universe Always Has a Plan, Kollok 1991, and more

HitPoint Health Weekly 6/18: L-Glutamine, D L-Phenylalanine, The Universe Always Has a Plan, Kollok 1991, and more
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Good morning, and happy Father's Day Sunday! I hope that this email finds you well, as they say. This week, I've decided to have a brief breakdown of a wider array of topics, rather than a larger breakdown of a few. That way, I can get into more things and, if the desire is there, I can follow up a bit deeper on that subject. So without further adieu -

Stuff I Did This Week


So, I have heard of L-Glutamine before, and I bought it in bulk when I first read some of the research on it when it comes to post workout recovery, but for some reason, it didn't stick. Now that I revamped my pre and post workout concoctions, L-Glutamine is back on my radar, and I'm glad that it is. I'm also glad that I bought a large amount! I take a gram or two before a workout and about 3-5 grams after a workout, and I have actually noticed a more balanced energy, rather than my usual intense post-workout slump.

I am usually useless for an hour or two after an intense workout, but with this stuff in the mix, as well as a good protein powder, creatine, and tart cherry, it gets me back to myself again in a 30-60 minute period instead! About half the time! And my workouts are generally quick and efficient, and close to HIIT, so that is a pretty good thing for me. I also tend to exercise in the hot Florida summer sun, so pairing this with an electrolyte mix has been a game changer for my performance and recovery. Keep in mind that this is all anecdotal evidence here, as this is just something that I have changed in my routine and thought that I would let you guys know about!

The Universe Always Has a Plan

This is a concise guide on why everything is and will always be okay. It helps me justify to myself my always nonchalent and relaxed attitude, and gives me ways to do this for others as well. The book is essentially 10 rules, or guidelines, to living a life that feels more free, and in tune with your higher purpose, or higher self. This can include things like self forgiveness, or detachment from the outcome, a popular Michael Singer philosophy.

There really is a lot to be had here, within Matt Khan, the author's 10 golden rules. These are the rules for emotional freedom, he states. They are intended to help you release the need to be loved, or to love others, in a self-sacrificing way. Instead, they encourage a new understanding of love - one that honors self-care first and foremost. And that is exactly what I took away from this. I highly recommned this one, even if you are used to a lot of the self help or spiritual healing types of books, I was quite blown away with some of the content in the book. I think that everyone needs to hear that is isn't their fault. That they don't need to seek to be loved, rather to love themselves. Everything changes, but it can only change you for the better.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

So, during this month's Pride bundle on Humble Bundle, this is the game that stuck out the most to me. I thought it looked and sounded intriguing so I gave it a shot, and it is quite a nice little game. I am a sucker for a good classic style RPG so this game definitely filled that itch, and the timing for pride month is good too.

I don't have too much to say about it at this point as I just got it the other day and recently started playing it, but between this game and Scarlet Hollow, and of course, still Diablo 4, I'll be busy for a while! There is always something to be played. But I'm always glad to add an RPG to the mix.

Stuff I Recommend

D, L-Phenylananine

Above, I mention L-Glutamine. There is another L something that I have started taking as well, just the other day, with consistency, and that is D L-Phenylananine. I know, it is a bit complicated to spell and pronounce, but if anything is pronounced, it is the effect that it can have. I will have to keep you updated on this one, as the research shows that, similar to something like Creatine, there is a store of it in the body, and you'd have to take it consistently for an effect to be noticed.

This effect, however, is said to increase available dopamine and adrenaline in the system so consistent dosages of this supplement can lead to increased mood and energy levels. This is something that I know that I need, and would like to have, so I think that I'm going to keep on it and tell you guys how I feel in the coming weeks, if anything at all.

Kollok 1991

So, remember how last week I mentioned the Kids on Bikes system for table top RPG play? A Stranger Things kind of vibe game? Well, to get a better feel for the system, I ended up picking a random live play Kids on Bikes podcast to listen to, and boy was that a good choice. I am about 10 episodes into Kollok 1991, and boy, has it been a ride so far. Alternate universes, missing people, mysterious and powerful organizations, interesting and compelling characters and roleplay, they could make this into a TV show I think!

It differentiates itself from Stranger Things in both theme and the way that the stories play out so far, and I am excited to continue listening to it and catching up on the story.

HitPoint Hacks

Pre-Workout, Stim Free

In the L-Glutamine section of this newsletter, I mention that I take a gram or so before exercise, and a few more after. This is because glutamine stores are depleted during exercise and can take days to return to normal levels. For someone who exercises nearly every day, I thought that it would be good to add that. So, in addition to the L-Glutamine, I also take a few different things before a workout to help enhance the efficacy, or increase my reps by decreasing muscle fatigue.

There are a few different tried and true things that you can add to a preworkout. Beta alinine is one, providing delayed muscle fatigue so that you can go harder in the moment, and increase those gains. I also tend to add creatine to my preworkout mix, just for the convenience of having everything in one cockail. Creatine is pretty much fine to take at any time throughout the day, as long as you take it. And last but certainly not least is my essential amino acids. This is the energy giver in the stim-free preworkout mix. I prefer to drink it before during and after a workout, as I have directly noticed the effects it has on my workouts and my recovery. Although this can get quite expensive.

Protein shaker.
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Thank you once again for stopping by this fine Sunday! It's Father's Day, so I hope that you have something to celebrate. I am quite lucky in that regard. He and I will probably end up playing pickleball or going for a walk or something. No matter what, I know it'll be a good day, and I hope that you enjoy your.

To Your HitPoints!