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HitPoint Health Weekly 5/21: A Space for the Unbound, How to Manage Time, Workout Snacks and Electrolyte Balance

HitPoint Health Weekly 5/21: A Space for the Unbound, How to Manage Time, Workout Snacks and Electrolyte Balance
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This week is going to be about more abstract concepts rather than quantifiable information. Although there will of course be some of that as well. I have been playing A Space for the Unbound, which is a game that gets into detail on a lot of those feelings that can only be felt, and not explained. Sometimes, it's better that way. A potent connection to the content that can't quite be explained.

We're also going to get into some tips and hacks around electrolytes and salt, and working out throughout the day.

Stuff I Did This Week:

A Space for the Unbound

This week, I played through more of a space for the unbound, and even though I'm only at chapter 4 so far, it has been a wonderful experience. There are explorations of themes of inadequecy and not feeling good enough, depression and anxiety, and how to feel okay in a world that seems (and is) crazy. I am excited to continue playing through this game to see where else it may take me emotionally. It might be less intense, thematically, then the last game I played through, Omori. But even so, it has a much lighter and more positive heart, and that makes a difference, I think.

The game and its beautiful pixel art are something to behold, and I would recommend picking it up if you ever see it on sale, although for $20 I think that the game is worth it full price as well. There is a lot to offer narratively, although perhaps mechanically the game can be lacking, I felt. It relies heavily on puzzles that are hit or miss, and those puzzles run through the same type of gameplay mechanics thus far. It occasionally introduces something new and plays with it for the chapter, such as the fight sequences, but they don't seem to last. I will give an update later as I progress through the game. But the narrative itself is compelling enough for me to continue the journey.

Adjust to Changes, Managing Time

This week was my first week at a new job. Going from full remote to an onsite job has certainly been an adjustment, because it has been a while since I've needed to report daily for onsite work. But, due to the hours I am working here it is relatively similar time wise to what I was working with previously, but I just have a bit less time throughout the day to work on personal projects, which is the biggest adjustment for me.

Finding and devoting the time to sit down and write and try to research topics for this newsletter or blog may be a bit more challenging before, but it is a challenge that I am willing to engage with and see where it leads me. I will continue to create with the same frequency as before, but I will let you, my wonderful audience, know if anything changes. But for now, the new job is going great. I might just have to figure out where to cut some time in order to make more time for what truly matters to me. And having to block out time like this really does show you what matters.

Weekly Recommendations:

Creative Hobbies

Above, I mention that writing is important to me and continuing this journey of self discovery and research primarily in the health and wellness space is something that I am passionate about. I am glad to call this a hobby that I partake in and enjoy doing. I hope that you enjoy it, too. Anything that I can do differently or better, please let me know. You can respond with your ideas to this email.

But, I also have to say that I think it is vitally important that everyone have a creative hobby that they can lose themselves in for extended periods of time. Life without play, and an enjoyable flow state, is less impactful than a life where creation is a key part.

Photo by Pavel Neznanov / Unsplash


To this day, I hear a lot of conflicting reports about the health and safety related to salt consumption. I think that many studies that are being done are not only using the wrong type of salt (table salt), I've noticed that these studies also seem to conflate added salt with dietary salts. What I mean by this is that when most people think of hypertension, they immeditaely think of salt as the enemy. And there are prominent studies that seem to support this, until you realize that these studies are including the use of salt as an ingredient in things like potato chips, or use table salt rather than mineral or sea salt. The picture becomes less clear with all of this in mind.

So, what do I do about salt intake? I personally believe in the work of Dr. DiNicolantonio and his books Salt Fix and Mineral Fix. Both of those books were profound in how I view salt, and electrolyte balance now. Some key takeaways I had while reading through those books I've taken the liberty to provide you here:

  • The body can produce non-essential vitamins to an extent, but all minerals (including trace minerals) must be included through diet.
  • Mineral deficiencies can contribute to modern diseases related to mental health disorders, obesity, and insulin resistance.
  • Micronutrient deficiencies are widespread globally, increasing the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Cold hands or feet might indicate a need for more salt.
  • Chronic salt depletion can increase insulin levels. (Insulin helps the kidneys retain sodium.)
  • A person (with normal kidney function and blood pressure) can easily excrete 10x as much salt as they would normally consume in a day.
  • Low salt intake can actually stresse the kidneys and lead to lower energy and possible weight gain.
  • Higher salt intake can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The body has a complex system that helps regulate ideal salt levels. When salt levels drop, the craving for salt increases. (This reminds me of my time in Glacier national park. The mountiain goats there are known to eat people's clothes to consume the salt in their sweat.)
  • Consuming salt prior to and during exercise can help the body cool off faster due to increased blood circulation. For this, I recommend Kaged electolytes, Redmond salt in water, or my favorite for this purpose, LMNT.
  • More salt is needed during pregnancy and for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Higher salt intake can be beneficial for the skin when it's sweated out as it can fight off bacterial infections​.

So, with all of this information, I hope that you can consider what your salt intake should look like. I have a few different electrolyte mixes, and use them in combination with celtic sea salt and redmond's real salt to keep my electrolyte needs met. It's probably double with how much I sweat being in Florida!

HitPoint Hacks:

Workout Snacks

By "workout snacks" I'm not talking about something you take to the gym to snack in between sets or the protein shake you chug after your workout's complete. No, I'm talking about the idea that taking little breaks throughout the day, stop what you're doing, and hitting a quick workout is ideal for longevity and overall health. This is especially the case for those who do sendentary office work, or spend their days primarily seated.

Some good examples of workout snacks are bodyweight squats, push ups, or pull ups. I think that it is a really good idea to install a pull up bar over the door and to do a few every time you walk through it. My personal favorite workout snack, although maybe not possible or ideal for everyone during the workday, is to do 20 kettlebell swings. I used to have a kettlebell at my desk or in my car when I went to the office for work, and I'd walk out there and give it some swings while on break or lunch. These days, I get a whole workout in on my lunch. I brifely discuss how I accomplish this here, using the X3 variable resistance band system.

Yogurt & Protein

Lately, I have been loving having yogurt and granola for breakfast. Although it isn't what you probably are thinking of when you imagine that pairing. Usually when people think of yogurt and granola, it is of a fruit filled parfait full of added sugars and preservatives, etc. But I'm here to say that that is not the only way! If you love a sweet breakfast, or are looking for a high protein desert or meal throughout the day, look no further.

I've been buying the large tubs of lowfat (I know, fat is not the enemy, but it is all that is available without added sugars, plus the lowfat yogurt is typically higher in protein content and lower in calories which is a win, I suppose.) sugarfree yogurt, whatever tub of protein powder that I can find for really cheap on clearance at Vitamin Shoppe, and a keto granola. This granola also happens to be paleo friendly, which is perfect for my needs, as this also means that there will be no added grains, sugars, or seed oils. Perfect! Easy!

Photo by Niclas Illg / Unsplash

Thanks again for stopping by this week, and I hope that you learned something of value, or at least reaffirmed something that you felt to be true. I'm glad that you're here and continue to support me in this effort, and yourself, by reading this information, and taking away from it what you will, and doing more research on your own.  

If there is ever any topic that you want me to dive into in depth, shoot me an email reply to this email, and I will get back with you.

Until next week.

To your HitPoints,